Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mass Communicating Plant Pathology and Mycology: Part 1

Post submitted by Andrew Loyd, Graduate Research Assistant, NC State University

Dr. Larry Grand discusses
Plant Pathology on WKNC
88.1 FM Sept. 24, 2011
Dr. Larry F. Grand, Department of Plant Pathology, NCSU, stops in at WKNC 88.1FM ( to discuss “The Mysterious Kingdom of Fungi”. Dr. Grand was recently honored with the dedication of the nationally renowned "Dr. Larry F. Grand Mycological Herbarium."  Dr. Grand is highly regarded in the world of mycology and has been a faculty member at NC State for over 30 years.

The conversation was featured on Mystery Roach, a specialty show dedicated to psychedelic, progressive, noise, and garage rock from the 60′s and 70′s. The show airs, each and every Saturday from 8-10, often building around scientific conversations with an eclectic group of guests. The show is hosted by La Barba Rossa, aka Damian Maddalena. Damian is a forestry graduate student at NC State, and has been the host of Mystery Roach for 4+ years.

On this rebroadcast, the music has been cut short for legality reasons, but if you enjoy this type of music the show can be streamed at every Saturday from 8-10AM EST.