Monday, April 16, 2012

Alert: Stripe Rust of Wheat

We have found wheat stripe rust on a farm in southern North Carolina. It is unusual for us to see this disease. However, stripe rust is a serious threat to our wheat crop. It can do a lot of damage very quickly and should be controlled.
Stripe rust often gives a yellow look to the field. So you may look out across a green field of wheat and see a small area that looks yellow. Looking closer the leaves will have small yellowish rust pustules usually in a line. That is why it's called stripe rust!
The following varieties are the most likely to be infected and are the ones growers should check:
C9436, DG Shirley, NC Cape Fear, NC Neuse, NC Yadkin, P26R12, SS520, SS560, USG3209, USG3592, USG3665, and SS8404

If stripe rust is found it should be sprayed as soon as possible. Two possible products to consider are Folicur (Tebuconazole) and Prosaro. Both products can be applied up to 30 days before harvest.

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-This alert was sent from Dr. Randy Weisz, Department of Crop Science, NCSU